Continuum of care

The Ranch will offer a full continuum of health care conveniently located on our campus. You will never be far away from care should you need it.

Your well-being is our focus: we emphasize the importance of health and wellness throughout retirement. Our wellness program addresses the ever-changing needs of those desiring an active, independent lifestyle both today and tomorrow. In the event that a resident requires assistance with activities of daily living, The Ranch provides all the benefits of residential living with the security of knowing that help from a highly trained and experienced staff is nearby. Whether care is needed for the short term or as part of a comprehensive plan, residents and their loved ones can rest assured that The Ranch will provide the best possible care.

Assisted Living

At The Ranch, we see assisted living as a path to greater independence. We don't think that needing more help with the tasks of daily living should isolate you; instead, our assisted living neighborhood is designed to feel like a warm, welcoming home, with all the attentive services and amenities our community will have to offer. Residents will enjoy the same fine dining as people in independent living, for example—with menus for special diets that don't compromise tantalizing taste. They get all the benefit of our vigorous wellness programs and full complement of activities.

Memory Care

For residents facing the special challenges of memory-related issues, The Ranch will offer the secure, reassuring comfort of Memory Care. At The Ranch, a highly-trained and dedicated staff, committed to caring for the physical and cognitive needs of our residents, will provide compassion helping to optimize the daily experiences of each individual. Our residents will live in intimate "pods"—small neighborhoods of private apartments, with no intimidating long corridors. Our nurses will be on duty 24/7, providing medication administration and monitoring each resident's health status. Residents will enjoy the same fine dining experience as the rest of our community, including a la carte service, with three nutritious meals and snacks daily. The chef will cater to individual taste. With their own schedule of involving activities and beautiful, secure courtyards, residents can feel safe and cherished.


For those who need one-on-one therapy, whether to improve mobility or following an accident, illness or hospital stay, The Ranch rehabilitation services will provide a complete range of therapy and services to help achieve and maintain a high level of function.

Physical Therapy: Comprehensive functional mobility training for maximum independence including transfer and wheelchair training; strength and balance training and fall prevention. Occupational Therapy: Training in activities of daily living; motor-skills training and cognitive specialties. Speech Therapy: Receptive and expressive communication training.

Skilled Nursing

Whether independence is limited for a short time as a result of a medical issue or procedure, or long-term care is needed, residents of The Ranch with health challenges will find first-rate care, compassion and professionalism at the Health Center.

The Health Center will be a Medicare-certified Skilled Nursing Facility that provides licensed 24-hour care under the supervision of our Medical Director. Medicare typically covers skilled care for up to 100 days following a hospital stay, when residents need short-term nursing and rehabilitation. Our licensed nursing and therapy teams will work together to develop a coordinated plan of care specifically for each resident. It will incorporate physical, occupational and speech therapy. We will focus on building strength and increasing independence while nurturing body, mind and spirit.

Epworth At Home

Our Home Health care encompasses a wide range of health care services that can be provided in your residence following an acute sickness, injury, or exacerbation of a chronic illness. The goal of Home Health Care is to help you regain or maintain your independence. The care is usually short-term or intermittent.

Basic list of services we provide*

  • Plan of care management
  • Patient and caregiver education
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy
  • Skilled Nursing

* For a more complete listing of home health service we offer, please contact a marketing representative.

Epworth Hospice At Home

Our Hospice program is designed to provide comfort and support to families and caregivers during the final stages of one's life. Our goal is to enable residents and families to achieve the highest quality of life possible and make the most of each day.